The six presentations can all be tailored to suit the time available for audiences; from 10 mins for a school assembly to a 40 minute presentation. Jeremy is very happy to answer questions at the end of each presentation and to help anyone with their own research .


Etaples 2

                  Sacrifice and Remembrance

  • The scale of the sacrifice in WW1
  • The founding principles of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC)
  • The personalities involved in establishing  the CWGC
  • Stories behind some of the headstones
  • How those killed in recent conflicts are now commemorated



               Iconic Memorials for the Fallen

  • The Menin Gate
  • The Cenotaph
  • Tomb of the Unknown Warrior (Westminster Abbey / Arlington Cemetery)
  • Thiepval Memorial
  • The Ring of Remembrance
  • Armed Forces, Iwo Jima, Vietnam, Bomber Command  Memorials



The Miracle Flower – From Flanders to the Tower

  • In Flanders Field
  • Personalities who first promoted the Poppy
  • The Poppy Factory
  • The opium poppy in Afghanistan
  • The Poppy in remembrance
  • Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red Display at the Tower of London


Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 17.51.48.png

              For Valour – The Victoria Cross Story

  • Origins of the Victoria Cross and its criteria
  • Other awards for gallantry and their criteria
  • The making of the medal
  • Stories of some VC recipients
  • How VC awards are commemorated
  • Lord Ashcroft’s VC Collection at the Imperial War Museum


               The Tragedy of War – Vietnam
Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 10.29.54

  • Historical Background
  • Political Personalities
  • Conduct of the War – From both sides
  • Role of the Media
  • Anti war Demonstrations
  • Scale of the Sacrifice


Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 17.03.13

               The Forgotten Hero of My Lai 

  • The My Lai Massacre
  • Intervention by Hugh Thompson and his helicopter crew
  • Military and Political Cover up
  • My Lai Trial
  • Award of Soldiers Medal to crew
  • Return to My Lai by the helicopter crew


                  The Sinking of the Laconia 

  • The last Voyage of the Laconia IMG_1159 (1)
  • The sinking of the Laconia by a German U Boat
  • The rescue of the survivors by the U Boat
  • The bombing of the U Boat by an American Bomber
  • The journey to West Africa in a rowing boat by some of the survivors
  • Aftermath of the Sinking of the Laconia